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Highly qualified team members with a broad experience offer clients relevant information and data for strategic decisions making regarding investment in construction according to the traditional model, and especially the public private partnerships model.  We provide Whole Life Coast/Life Cycle Costs Assessment as a key element when contracting for public private partnership.

The emphasis is to include the planning of maintenance costs and occupancy cost at design stage of the building.

PPP Centar is dedicated to the continuous education of employees and improvements of work quality and work conditions using the sustainable state-of-the art technology achievements, friendly and productive working environment, as well as research capacities, especially regarding legislation, social and other factors which influence the application of Whole Life approach and Whole Life Costs and Benefits on constructed facilities.

On the research agenda there was also the measurement of PPP projects success for public sector clients with the primary goal to identify relevant criteria and structure for success and evaluation of PPP projects for Public Clients.

The idea is that private party should be paid in accordance to quality of services delivered.

We value teamwork, trust, honesty and reliability .

We also folow five principels for a better company : Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom.

Cost and benefit

Cost and Benefit