Facility Management


We offer innovative and practical solutions to address the management of structures through all industrial sectors.

Through the development of new integrated regime for management of structures, we offer a continuous process in facility management that covers the entire life cycle of buildings, from the beginning of the very idea and conception of the project to the construction, use, maintenance, renovation and demolition at the end of the lifetime of the building.

Advantages: Solving possible difficulties and problems in the stages of preparation, planning and execution of investment projects in construction, as well as during the phases in facility management of buildings.

Methods and procedures

  • Monitoring and analyzing the standards of maintenance and occupancy of buildings and state evaluation and estimation (Post Occupancy Evaluation, POE)
  • The implementation of an integrated information system for the management and maintenance of buildings, monitoring the phase of the structure
  • Optimization of planning and construction projects with a view to their sustainability in terms of environmental protection (application of sustainable building practice)
  • Project Management, with emphasis on the contractual forms of Public Private Partnerships (Public Private Partnership, PPP)


Cost optimisation for:

  • Public buildings (schools, hospitals, university buildings, kindergartens, retirement homes, etc.)
  • Hotels and hotel villages
  • Buildings in energy and other infrastructure construction (roads, railways, airports and seaports, parking lots, landfills)
  • Industrial buildings


We have developed unique software for  monitoring of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage operational stage during the economic life of the constructed Facilities.

What can software do for you?

  • Calculation of reductions for defined Unitary Charges that Public Sector Client has to pay the Private party under PPP Contract
  • Complete control under monitoring of Key Performance Indicators and Service delivery of all defined Performance Standards, under PPP Contract
  • Failure Defects and Quality Failures monitoring on a daily basis and identification of root causes of identified defects
  • Data base of all data and information in real time which enables Public sector to have full control of all executed activities at constructed Facilities, over a long time period (25-30 years of PPP contracts)

PPP Centar-Innovation

Designing processes for successful Facility Management