Leadership for digital transformation


Round table conference on Becoming a leader in digital transformation was held as part of the Smart Day in cooperation with Mreža and Algebra.

“How to find your way in a world of increasingly complex business relationships and models, large and diverse ecosystems, ever more demanding customers and users that may be on any of the seven continents and whose needs and desires are constantly changing? How to deal with the unique challenges and use them to create equally unique business opportunities?” 

These are some of the questions asked.

It used to be enough to be good at your job, usually the one that you were university educated, to be a good leader. Today that is no longer the case and we can all agree that is wasn’t the case yesterday.

You can find more information about it on the following links – leadership for the creative age and challenges of doing business in a digital age – user, not technology, is in the center.

Happy reading and creative thinking!

PPP Centar Ltd. team