A team of professionals with years of experience is involved in preparing and implementing PPP projects in the field of integrated preparation, planning and implementation of PPP projects.

We provide services including education, research and commercialization of projects that are based on an integrated approach to the management and governance structures in different stages of implementation and use of the economic life of the building with a focus on reducing the costs associated with the impact of construction on the environment (use of energy and raw materials that do not impair the environment).

Continuously improving the whole life value of buildings whether it be public, infrastructure, industrial or other facilities, optimizing the commercial aspects of the project with respect to sustainability.

Roles in the projects:

Economical, technical and legal consultancy that includes Project management and monitoring of construction and operation of buildings:

  • Development of Feasibility Study and Public Sector Comparator (PSC)
  • Technical Analysis of Design documentation
  • Developing all PPP Tendering Documentation including Output Specifications and payment Mechanism