Research and development

usl_istrazivanje-300x225Research and development is particularly encouraged in our company. Preparation and implementation of R&D activities in cooperation with industry/business, stakeholders/associates, resulting in potential commercial application and creation of relevant know-how.

PPP Centar is focused on employees continuous education and improvement of work quality using the sustainable state-of-the art technology achievements, friendly and productive working environment, as well as research, especially regarding legislation, social and other factors which influence the application of Whole Life approach and Whole Life Costs and Benefits on constructed facilities, measurement of success of PPP projects for public sector clients identifying relevant criteria and structure for success evaluation of PPP projects for Public Clients.

Inadequate condition of public buildings in Croatia demonstrates that the traditional procurement route for public buildings, among others, might be challenged with a new (PPP) type of procurement. Experiences of other EU countries are analysed, especially regarding legislation, social and other factors which influence the application of PPP procurement. Equally, it is important to carefully examine economic and other factors in Republic of Croatia, which might be of great relevance for successful application of PPP procurement under local set of factors and conditions.

PPP procurement type, known in some EU countries under the term “Private Finance Initiative” (PFI), if properly applied for public buildings in Croatia, could result in taxpayers financial savings, and at the same time can increase level of quality and availability of such buildings. Generally, the final goal of research is to investigate application of PPP procurement in specific Croatian economic conditions and to identify any benefits which might occur.


Software solutions

u_softwareWe have developed a unique software for optimization of the overall cost structure, and several IT systems optimization and monitoring of all segments in the PPP and PFI projects with a respectable base of data collected from various completed projects in the Republic of Croatia and the EU member states.

WLC Evaluator

u_wlceCalculates Whole Life Cost of the constructed Facilities, including elements of sustainable development, and is composed of a large number of data collected from projects in Croatia and  EU countries (UK, Ireland) – More on:



3P Power XPIs©

u_3p3P Power XPIs  is a friendly software for monitoring all Key Performance Indicators and information based on the integrated approach to manage operational stage, during the economic life of the constructed Facilities.


Developed software enables:

  • Complete control under monitoring Key Performance Indicators and Service delivery of all defined Performance Standards, under PPP Contract.
  • Failure Defects and Quality Failures monitoring at a daily basis and identification of root causes of identified defects.
  • Data base of all data and information in real time which enables Public sector to have full control of all executed activities at constructed Facilities, over a long period of time (PPP contracts for 25-30 years).
  • Calculation, in a fully transparent and simple way, of reductions for defined Monthly Unitary Fees, which Public Sector Client has to pay to Private party under PPP defined Contract.

Designing processes for successful Facility management and standardization of building performance through automatization of data collection, analytical analysis of key performance indicators and development of support basis for central procurement system.
Along with the quick perception of the problem, software enables defining actions needed to eliminate deficiency.
Clients and practitioners of the 3P Power XPIs© software may record and store the data in a web-based application for 25 – 30 years.