Services and Activities

  • PPP/PFI Consultancy – PPP/PFI Procurement adviser and Tender documentation development
  • PPP/PFI Contract management and Monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Whole Life Costing / Life cycle modelling & Facility management consultancy, FM cost modelling
  • Whole life cost analysis for Sustainable Building Assessment
  • Measurement and analysis of labour productivity
  • Application of IT and web-enabled applications
  • Procurement of Services
  • Production of FM Specifications and Advice on optimisation of Hard and Soft FM
  • Benchmarking and Market Testing
  • Payment Mechanism development and tailoring
  • Output Specification of Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk management and mapping
  • Post occupancy evaluation (POE) and Due diligence of investments projects for Lenders and Clients
  • Technical and legal consultancy in disputes of investment projects, in traditional and PPP projects (4Ps)
  • Performance based contracting in Facility Management


A short description of services:

  • Planning, Management and Procurement of PPP (DBFO) and concessions projects
  • Public Sector Comparator (PSC)
  • Whole Life Costs and Life Cycle cost optimisation (LCC)-ISO 15686-5
  • Cost estimating and control
  • Project management and Facility management
  • Development of innovative IT systems, processes and research programs
  • Staff training and consulting

The advantages of using our unique solutions, applications and databases:

  • Increasing overall value of buildings
  • Integration of functional areas and services in the operation with the planning and execution of work
  • Risk management (defining optimal risk allocation)
  • Contractors are „motivated“ to search for optimal solutions during the defined lifespan of projects
  • Development of Payment Mechanism which optimise Client payments defining only „actually delivered“ works and services