• Integrated Strategic Planning for traditional and PPP projects in civil engineering
  • Optimization  of Facility Management,
  • Consulting services for the preparation, planning and implementation of projects through contractual forms of Public Private Partnership (PPP),
  • Optimization of Whole Life Cost of an Asset (WLC-LCC, Cost and Benefit analysis)
  • Commercialization of projects that are based on an integrated approach to the management and governance structures in different stages of implementation,
  • Optimization of the economic life of constructed facilities, with emphasis on reducing the costs associated with the impact of construction on the environment and integrating the principles of green and sustainable buildings,
  • Research & Development

During the implementation of projects

PPP Centar and Co. have developed some of the most comprehensive benchmarking tools for Whole Life-Life Cycle Cost and Benefit analysis – Whole Life Cost Evaluator.

WLC Evaluator includes sustainability issues compiled with hard data from a wide range of sources and projects realized in Croatia and in some of the EU member states.

The company has developed web-enabled application for monitoring performance on constructed facilities  (XPIs©).

PPP Centar is collaborating to implement most suitable tool or measuring the impact of construction on the built environment contributing to the EU 2020 targets on energy savings and efficiency, and utilization of the renewable energy sources by  promoting the sustainable building construction.