The company has a team of experts in the fields of law, finance and technical expertise with extensive years of experience in planning and realization of PPP projects in Croatia, UK and other EU Countries, as well as work experience of its members in various countries of the world.


All participants have at their disposal a number of different methods for calculating the cost of construction activities, but the methods for calculating the life cycle costs are incomplete and inaccurate. Life cycle costs of buildings are whole life cost of buildings or its elements in the economical life, including the costs of planning, design, acquisition, operation and maintenance.

Knowledgeable staff members provide clients with most cost-effective investment decision focused not only on the capital costs of the project, but on the whole life costs of facilities, specially in the initial design stage, to establish trade offs on capital, maintenance and operations/occupancy costs.

Team members:

Prof. Saša Marenjak PhD, PPP Expert

  • Prof. R. Malcolm W. Horner PhD
  • Mohamed El-Haram PhD
  • Brierley Stubbs, FRICS, UK
  • Doug Forbes PhD
  • Terezija S. Marenjak PhD, Scientific Advisor
  • Belinda Brucker Juričić,