pub_radionice-150x150From April 2013,  three new modules are available:

  • Module 1: Sustainable development and construction
  • Module 2: Integrated Sustainability Assessment
  • Module 3: Sustainable Procurement


Regular trianing programs


  • Public private partnership

Short summary: What is a public private partnership; Institutional Framework in Croatia for its implementation;  EU and PPP, PPP process for the preparation of the project; preparation procedure for Public sector Clients.

  • Whole life cost  – aiding sustainable procurement

Short summary: Whole Life Costing terminology, Whole life costing drivers, Whole life costing process, Whole life costing data and pricing methods

Introduction to ISO 15686-5 Net present value and other financial methods Risk and sensitivity analysis
Whole Life Cost Evaluator: demo
Whole Life Cost Evaluator: practical exercise

Objectives : Interactive workshop will provide an introduction to whole life costing including the new ISO 15686-5: Life cycle costing. It will also provide an overview of the need for, and the issues surrounding, the adoption of whole life costing. Participants will gain an understanding of what they need to consider and how to calculate whole life costs.

  • More for Less – improving labour productivity on construction sites

Objectives:  The workshop will explain the factors that affect productivity, and how they may be controlled. It will describe simple but powerful methods of measuring productivity, and show the importance of collaborative planning techniques and how they can be put into practice.

Short summary: What do we mean by productivity and why is it important? What affects productivity? What are the barriers to productivity improvement? How do we measure productivity? Planning and controlling productivity.

The use of software to capture, compare and analyse data will be demonstrated, and its contribution to improving productivity explained. The workshop is interactive.

  • Whole life cost and sustainable construction

Short summary: In accordance with the needs of clients, this methodology could be used to harmonize the materials and equipment necessary for the construction of buildings according to the principles of energy efficiency.

Objectives: To present ways to implement whole life cost of building and principles of investment in energy efficiency, energy consumption and reduce losses to optimal level.